Digital Transformation » Systems & Software » Web Seminar: Expenses Fraud – What’s the risk and why now is the time to act

3pm, Tuesday, 20 September 2016

WORKING in finance, it’s likely you’ve come across some questionable expense claims in your time. Perhaps you didn’t give them as much attention as you should have.

With many other tasks taking priority, expenses can often be left until last and we see many companies inadvertently adopting a more lenient approach to their expense process.

Take for instance the string of high-profile cases in the media lately across all kinds of organisations – not to mention the ongoing MP expenses scandal. Against the backdrop of Brexit where companies are closely watching every penny, as well as the increased scrutiny from HMRC – what can you do to ensure your employees know the company policy and stick to it?

Join Financial Director & Concur for this FREE web seminar to hear:

  • The true damage expenses fraud can cause your business
  • Whether it’s really fraud or human error – and how people get away with it
  • What HMRC is interested in and how you can ensure your process is robust
  • The most common ‘mistakes’– and how to spot them
  • How technology can help prevent fraud
  • Followed by a live Q&A