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Mike Kourey, CFO of Medallia – a SaaS company, discusses the qualities needed to be a CFO at a start-up, including: putting in the hours, being available, being flexible where you can be, and firm where you need to be. A start-up environment is about being a business partner and looking at how to solve problems.


Mike Kourey is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Medallia and has held executive, board, and advisory roles at high-growth technology companies for more than 25 years. Previously, he served on the board of directors and the audit committee of Aruba Networks until its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard in May 2015,; on the board of directors and as audit committee chair at Riverbed Technology; and on the board of directors and the audit committee of RingCentral. Mike has been a board and audit committee member at various private growth companies. He also served as a Partner and Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures from 2012 to early 2015. Prior to Khosla, Mike was the CFO at Polycom from 1995 to 2012, and a board member there from 1999 to 2011.

Mike holds a B.S. from the University of California, Davis, and an M.B.A. from Santa Clara University.

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