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Helen Dowsey, director of business development and account management at NEST, discusses NEST’s strategy for delivering the best possible member outcomes and how the pension provider is approaching active and passive management.

Part of NEST’s strategy for moving forward will be a focus on members, driven by the NEST Insight Unit – a research-based unit committed to undertaking and publishing research aimed at sharing best practice and practical solutions for improving member outcomes.

The master trust also plans to assess its membership in detail, adopting a test and learn approach for communication with members in order to strike the right balance between nudge and engagement for particular cohorts.

Target date funds are a key initiative for the master trust, enabling NEST to tailor its investment strategy for each cohort depending on retirement date. The pension provider is also ensuring that it balances its approach to active and passive management, remaining active on asset allocation within target date funds and deploying passive strategies on developed equity markets where NEST believes there are fewer opportunities to add value.

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