Digital Transformation » Six key considerations in building your e-invoicing strategy

Comarch and AIIM have partnered up to create an insightful new e-book about e-invoicing strategies for business. Inside you will find statistics based on surveys and thorough research, as well as practical tips in the form of questions to ask yourself before adopting e-invoicing systems.

All around the world, e-invoicing is becoming a business standard that will soon be unavoidable. Digital transformation is irreversible and applies to every organisation from large global corporations to local enterprises. Outdated technology and falling behind the latest business trends may result in your company failing to prosper. What is more, the benefits of electronic invoices are undeniable. It costs less (bottom performers pay $12.50 for each invoice processed, top performers only $5.00), happens faster because of automation (you are able to process more than twice as many invoices in a given period), involves fewer mistakes, and when an error does occur it takes less time to correct it (three days with e-invoicing, compared to seven with traditional methods).

The key segment of the e-book includes six considerations related to building your e-invoicing strategy, divided into three groups. These are business considerations, compliance considerations and technology considerations. It includes crucial points such as automation starting point, customer profile, verifying authenticity, invoice integrity, legal compliance and more, all of which need to be resolved to ensure successful implementation.

Instead of ordinary conclusions, the e-book is summed up with 14 facts about invoice automation, presented in accessible form via percentage statistics. So, if you want to learn how many organizations currently use AP automation, or the average reduction in invoice processing costs after automation, read e-book.

About Comarch

Comarch has more than 20 years of experience in designing, implementing and integrating IT solutions for enterprises in a variety of industries, including retail, consumer goods, DIY, logistics, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and oil and gas. Solutions for data exchange and document management are dedicated to master data management, e-procurement, e-invoicing and AP/AR processes.

About AIIM

AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is a non-profit membership organisation. AIIM provides education, market research, and certification for information professionals.

The free download of Comarch and AIIM’s e-book “Six Key Considerations in Building Your E-invoicing Strategy” is available here.