Pensions » NEST: Investing responsibly for strong returns

Critical to the investment strategy of National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), is the ability to deliver brings benefits in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas must also deliver a level of return that fits the needs of retirees.

In this video Annie Bruzzone, Head of investment Communications at National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), explains how these mutually inclusive outcomes can be achieved for members of the pension scheme.

She explains that a good ESG strategy should be able to effectively capture opportunities and avoid unnecessary, by effectively assessing ESG factors and building that assessment into the investment process.

Through adding voting and engagement activities to this process, Bruzzone reveals that the pension scheme can take an active approach in steering companies to sustainable models that ultimately deliver string returns over the long term.

That’s vitally important to members who are seeking consistent returns over very many years, and are not comfortable with high levels of investment risk and who expect their pension to behave more like a bank account, growing steadily and smoothly.

To deliver long term risk-adjusted, market leading returns a range of dynamically managed funds have been developed, investing in 13 asset classes, says Bruzzone including emerging and developed market equities and bonds, property and commodities.

She says the aim is to match the sophistication and quality of some of the biggest institutional investors around the world, but at great value for money.



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