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Following the UK government legislating to hit net zero carbon emissions by 2050, businesses are now under pressure from investors, customers and stakeholders to announce their own sustainability targets. However, companies are also being publicly ‘named and shamed’ for ‘greenwashing’ if their sustainability pledges don’t have weight.

As such, committing to a carbon reduction plan should now be a firm priority on the boardroom agenda.

Or, is it?  While there are many reports of businesses pledging ‘net zero’, ‘net neutral’, or ‘net negative’ targets, recent insight shows that – according to energy managers – board-level engagement with the current energy reporting obligation – the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting Scheme (SECR) – is low.

In the UK, 2020 will be the first time over 11,900 businesses will publicly report their emissions and implemented energy saving measures under SECR. It requires all quoted companies, large unquoted companies and large limited liability partnerships (LLPs) to disclose carbon emissions and energy use from electricity, gas and transport as a minimum as part of their annual filing obligations.

Financial Director, in partnership with Inspired Energy, is seeking your views on sustainability, your organisation’s carbon reduction plans, and whether energy reporting schemes such as SECR are getting board-level attention.

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