Banking » Allianz, Groupe PSA, and dealing with the pandemic
Every other week, Financial Director will be joined by two leading heads of finance who will share how they’re tackling the challenges to their business in these unprecedented times.
The one hour live, face-to-face interview will be led by Financial Director editor Michael McCaw, and discuss how the business is tackling a nationwide lockdown and how they are handling key challenges such as cash management, counterparty risk, security risks, business recovery; as well as understanding how to benefit from government assistance.
In these times of uncertainty, businesses across the world are working tirelessly to ensure their survival in the short term and stability in the long. With the peak of coronavirus around the corner, taking the right steps and making the right decisions over the coming months will be the key differentiator in both survival and speed of recovery.
Join our guest speakers this Friday at 2pm BST as they share their perspective on the crisis and valuable insight in the measures they’re taking when responding to the challenges and navigating through the storm.
• Michael McCaw, editor, Financial Director
• Markus Kobler, global chief financial officer, Allianz Global Investors
• Tim Hammonds, GBS finance director, Groupe PSA
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