Strategy & Operations » Roundtable | Overcoming fintech implementation challenges to support strategic company growth

18th June 2021, 10:40 am BST

We see the responsibilities of CFOs growing, both in number and in breadth. Among these are steering the company’s strategic direction, budgeting, auditing and reporting. Yet many deplore a lack of easy to access, accurate data with which to fulfil these tasks. And while technology could help, the idea of implementing it and overcoming the legacy is often too big of a hurdle.

Join Hildegard Verhoeven (CFO at MobileXpense) and your peers for an interactive virtual roundtable discussion on building an integrated fintech stack and leveraging it to achieve strategic and cash optimisation goals.

Key outcomes and takeaways:

  • Seeing beyond the hurdle of fintech implementation and into its value for budget management.
  • Allowing the people on your team to work efficiently with the right tools – including yourself.
  • Ensuring that your employees are handling the exceptions, not the day-to-day routine.

Email [email protected] to register your interest for this session.

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