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Networked: Kevin Dangerfield

Kevin DangerfieldKevin Dangerfield is joining the board of technology business e2v as a non-executive. Dangerfield is currently finance director of Morgan Crucible, where…


Simon HealeSimon Heale serves as a non-exec. The Kaz­akhmys audit committee member is on the board of PZ Cussons, with…
John ArnoldJohn Arnold, emeritus professor of accounting and fin­ancial man­agement at Manchester Business School. Arnold is chairman of Feelgood Theatre Productions, where…
Susan JeeSusan Jee is a trustee. Jee, who once sold encyclo­paedias, is a former group FD of BNFL. She was the first female president of the Manchester Society of Chartered Account­ants, suc­ceeding…
Robert SheffrinRobert Sheffrin, compliance director for Braemar Securities. He trained as a chartered accountant with KPMG, then worked with Deloitte and Ladbroke Group before establishing a venture capital consultancy.

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