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ICAEW council election re-runs after voting bungle

FOUR OF TEN ICAEW Council elections will have to be re-run after the process was botched.

The four constituencies: South Essex; London; Manchester; and North West, ran elections to join the ICAEW that had flaws in the process.

Nominations were incorrectly made in the four constituencies. Those putting forward nominations must be fully-qualified ICAEW members, and be based within the constituency – it is understood that nominations were made that failed to meet these criteria, and were not picked up during the election process.

Michael Izza, ICAEW chief executive and returning officer for the elections, has declared the elections for these constituencies void and will be re-run.

Members ‘incorrectly’ voted into council in the four constituencies will be able to attend the June council meeting as observers, said an ICAEW spokesman. The re-run should be completed by August

The cost of re-running the elections, which will involve the Electoral Reform Society, is currently estimated at £10,000.

“We apologise to all the candidates involved and particularly those who were successful in the elections. We are reviewing the processes for elections and specifically the checks we undertake on nominations to ensure such a situation cannot arise in the future,” said an ICAEW statement.

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