KPMG scoops £8m Experian audit from PwC

EXPERIAN, the global information services giant, has chosen KPMG to replace PwC as its new external auditor.

The move will officially take effect for the financial year ending 31 March 2017 and bring to an end PwC’s decade-long audit reign.

Non-audit fees for the most recent financial period were £3.6m, while a further £4.4m was racked up in additional audit and assurance fees.

The change is still subject to approval by shareholders at the company’s 2016 Annual General Meeting, but has already been rubber-stamped by the board on recommendation from the audit committee.

News of the change comes just days after Premier Foods – owner of the Mr Kipling, Bisto and Hovis brands -appointed KPMG as auditor for the 2015/16 financial year.

The food giant had first mooted the prospect of change in its 2014/15 annual report, when the audit committee decided to undertake a formal audit tender process after the end of the PwC’s 11th set of financial statements.

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