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Car emission cap delayed to 2015

Originally, the European Parliament intended to require all manufacturers to
produce lower-emitting cars by 2012, but following successful petitioning from
auto lobbies calling for extra time, the date has been pushed back to 2015.

Overseeing the changes, the European Commission put in place a rolling start
for EU member states. Currently, the average car emits 160g/CO2 per kilometre.
Under the new legislation, 65% of all new cars produced must meet an emission
cap of 130g/CO2 per kilometre by 2012. Seventy-five percent of the new car
market must operate to these caps by 2013, 80% by 2014 and all by 2015.

“There are great cost-saving opportunities to be had by taking environmental
changes into consideration,” says Valentina Keys, an associate partner in the
environment team at law firm CMS

Keys says FDs may be waiting for cheaper, low-emitting cars to hit the market
before replenishing their fleets. Although competition in this field is set to
increase there are savings to be made by changing fleet stock to low-emissions
vehicles now, looking at those already on the market.

“It will be ‘cheaper capital’ to wait, but you could lose out if you don’t
upgrade now,” she adds.

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