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EC prepares energy use roadmap

A draft standard on energy management for European companies is currently
being drawn up by the European Union, in consultation with European and British
industry representatives, for submission to the European Commission.

The proposed suite of European energy management standards is designed to
provide a roadmap for businesses to implement policies and objectives that
incorporate legal aspects, as well as the European Emissions Trading Scheme.

In Europe, consultation is being led by the European Committee for
Standardisation and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation,
while in the UK, the ‘kitemark’ group BSI British Standards is leading talks
with the European Commission.

“The objective here is to create a best practice tool delivering economic
benefits to the user and reducing the ever-increasing demands of energy supply
and usage,” says BSI director Mike Low.

The new standard, feeding into existing standard
EN 16001
, should set out requirements for a system that will
enable businesses to improve their energy efficiency, and be independently
certified, as well as lead to a reduction in costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently BS EN 16001 requires businesses to:
• Measure energy consumption;
• Conduct an audit and investigate where energy is being used;
• Draw up a list of opportunities for making savings and incorporate them into
energy policies; and
• Periodically review progress so that measurements can be acquired.
The deadline for comments is 31 May 2008.

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