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FTSE wastes little energy on emissions reports

The carbon management business analysed listed companies’ annual and CSR
reports and similar sources. It found that, while 80% of the FTSE-100 considered
climate change to be a business issue, less than half that number reported
meaningful action to incorporate a reduction in carbon emissions into their core
business strategy. Other findings include:

  • Fewer than a fifth of FTSE-350 companies report purchasing renewable energy;
  • 38% of FTSE-100 companies reveal their emissions targets;
  • Just 6% of FTSE-250 companies reveal their emissions targets;
  • Of those that published targets, only 60% actually claimed to be meeting
    them; the average target reduction in CO2 emissions was 2.4%

“Business has some way to go before we see meaningful results,” said Jonathan
Shopley, chief executive of
CarbonNeutral Company
, who admitted that some of the largest companies had
“pioneered” energy initiatives.

Most companies now publish an environmental policy though only half of the
FTSE-250 also publish relevant
performance indicators
(KPIs). In the major index, 91% of FTSE-100 companies
publish their environmental KPIs.

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