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Web Seminar: Fast Close and Financial Governance

oracle-logoOPERATING WITHIN today’s stringent global reporting standards it is no longer viable for companies to attempt to consolidate their financial and operating results using outdated, inefficient and under-integrated spreadsheet based systems.

In a time where companies need to be able to quickly and seamlessly extrapolate ‘a single version of the truth’ from multiple systems there is an ever increasing pressure placed upon those managing financial close cycles and financial governance to meet ever shortening timescales and ever increasing demands for transparency.

With greater financial governance obligations now being placed upon companies the reporting process has become extended and increasingly complex. In response to this many organisations have opted to increase their staffing numbers to ‘manually’ manage compliance and reporting obligations without duly investigating the software solutions available to them. It is now more important than ever for companies to update themselves on how well integrated, highly functional and efficient software solutions can reform their financial governance systems and demonstrate true ROI.

Join us for this interactive and informative web seminar where you will have the opportunity to hear from, and question, industry thought-leaders. Our expert panel will explore what is now required to meet tough reporting standards whilst reducing compliance costs, how to shorten close cycle times whilst reducing control risk and how best to demonstrate central ownership and oversight of the reported numbers and statutory detail.

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