A case of mistaken identity

I have, it seems, stumbled on an occupational hazard while working at Financial Director – the risk of mistaken identity.

In our latest issue, the cover story focused on how a new generation of FDs are on the rise, and why younger FDs are doing better, quicker. Despite the rising starlets of the finance function – perhaps an over exaggeration, the youngest FD featured in our annual salary survey was 32 – it seemed almost inconceivable that I could be mistaken as being part of the profession that I cover.

Critical self examination reveals a slightly unkempt appearance that is unmistakenly that of a journalist. Surely no FD could make a sharp suit appear so scruffy. It seems I have erred.

Attending a recent meeting at a prominent bank – I had been contacted regarding a meeting about building a working relationship, in itself a relatively normal request – it became evident that such slips were possible.

The person I was scheduled to meet looked somewhat confused on my arrival, which only deepened when I slapped down a copy of the magazine and began talking about editorial content.

Then it was my turn to be confused, as they started questioning me about my company’s banking agreements while delivering a sales pitch about the qualities of the bank in question.

Not wishing to appear rude I listened intently, until it dawned on me that they believed me to be THE finance director of Incisive Media. It seems the slight distinction between speaking to the financial director and Financial Director Magazine was sadly lost in translation.

I did enjoy my moment of moonlighting, and while I was able to talk competently on the subject, I think I will leave the finance function to those up-and-coming leaders of the future.


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