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Decisions Supplement: Training the finance team

The range of choices on offer doesn’t help. For finance professionals there
is not only a great number of accountancy institutes, but an even greater number
of options available within each – and a much more competitive spirit between
the various ‘chartered’ bodies. Our supplement, brought to you in association
with BPP Professional
 includes a round-up of what the major institutes are up to.

The accountants have been fighting back against the threat from the MBA
business schools, which, in reality, was probably always more an issue of
perception than reality. In a Sarbanes-Oxley world, the on-going benefits of
having a professional qualification, with all the ethical issues it implies,
outweigh the advantage of a more ‘rounded’ education that one gets by doing an

But as you will see from our piece, the business schools aren’t sitting back.
They, too, are offering more and working closely with employers and institutes
to provide a better service to young high-fliers – and the people who pay them. 

to download a full PDF copy of the Financial Director supplement
Training and developing the finance team.

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