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Movers and shakers.

Paul Appelbe has been appointed finance director by IT Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of British Nuclear Fuels. He is moving after seven years at Norweb. Name Paul Appelbe Age 47 Company IT Services Qualification & date FCA 1977 What things other than finance do you do in your job? Strategy, IT, legal. Would you rather spend more time doing non-finance things? If so what? I think that with my non-finance responsibilities the balance is about right. What is on your desk (eg PC, too much paper, etc)? PC – we are an IT company! But we still have a long way to go to a paperless desk. What percentage of your week is spent in meetings? Based on what gets diarised about 30%, but you can nearly double that if you add informal ones. What is your favourite work-related website? Don’t have time to spend on the net, but I’m told ITS’s site is worth a visit. What do you like/dislike about the role of finance director? Likes: Involvement in strategy, initiating and implementing change. Dislikes: Not a lot. What is the best/worst thing about your auditors? I haven’t met them yet! Do you visit your factories, shops, warehouses etc? Offices – yes. How would you rank our list of key FD attributes (most important first)? (a) accuracy – 5th (b) stewardship – 3rd (c) entrepreneurial skills – 4th (d) people management skills – 2nd (e) strategic thinking – 1st Do you think an accountancy qualification is essential to the FD role? Probably not. Can you name the president of your accountancy institute without looking it up? Yes.

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