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In this month’s Financial Director magazine

Managing for value doesn’t mean abandoning growth – on the contrary, shareholder value metrics can show how much growth the market demands of you. Editor Andrew Sawers, in his last major feature for Financial Director ahead of a short secondment (we’d have to kill you if we told you where – but we can reveal that it is an ‘e-secondment’), explains

all, starting on page 26.

There is a sense of inevitability about the amount of

e-business that we’re covering at the moment – you can’t get away from the subject. But we found a good deal of old-economy common sense at Internet content-provider and telecoms company 365 Corporation, where finance director Martin Turner tries not to get bowled over by the hype and has a reassuringly tight focus on that weird concept called ‘profit’. Read his views on page 18.

The high oil price may be vexing company car providers (see the Fleet supplement after page 32), but British Airways chief economist Andrew Sentence makes a welcome return to our pages to tell us not to worry: at least the new economy isn’t reliant on cheap crude. Perhaps we should be more worried about the problems with budgets – an excellent discussion of the topic starts on page 33.

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