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FLEET DECISIONS – Environmentalism and car ownership are not natural

But as we approach the 21st century, more and more commercial decisions are being taken with green issues in mind. It is not that we have all become green activists – far from it – because the motives of this new-found sensitivity lie more in the realms of risk management than forest management. We are dealing with finite resources, crowded cities and roads, and increased mobility in both our people and the goods they consume. In the Transport White Paper and in this year’s Budget, the government has made going green with your vehicles more financially attractive. It’s time to take stock and plan a sustainable fleet policy for 2000 and beyond. So this Spring edition of Fleet Decisions, sponsored by Lex Vehicle Leasing, has a distinctly green feel. Inside, you’ll find features on beating traffic congestion, alternative fuels and an analysis of government policy towards the costs of vehicle fleets both on the company finances and on the environment. We also look at vehicle residual values, under pressure from both the euro and overcapacity in the car market; and provide a data page for ready reference. Fleet management is increasingly strategic, the decisions tougher. We’re here to help.

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