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EXTRAORDINARY ITEMS – A brief encounter with Mickey Mouse.

While the ICAEW’s Board for Chartered Accountants in Business is holding its FD conference in sunny Eastbourne in October, the Law Society is holding its 1999 sue-fest in Disneyland Paris. Apparently, the majority of solicitors are under 40 and they will be able to combine work and play by taking spouse and sprogs along. “The programme will also reflect the interest of younger members of the profession,” reports the Law Society Gazette. All of which gives us the opportunity to retell the story about the lawyer who told Mickey Mouse that he couldn’t get a divorce from Minnie Mouse just because she had dizzy spells. “Dizzy spells?” said Mickey. “I never said she had dizzy spells. I said she’s been feeling Goofy.” If you prefer the BCAB Eastbourne event, contact the ICAEW on 0800 783 5000.

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