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Financial Director Guide to: Global Tax Strategy

Tax is at the top of the corporate agenda following the government’s
high-profile attack on the UK’s tax avoidance culture. The Financial
Director Guide To: Global Tax Strategy
gets to the bottom of what the FD
needs to know.

Published in association with PwC, the Guide will help companies meet the
demands of the modern tax regime while ensuring that their competitiveness
is not compromised.

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TAX DEBATE: How much is not enough?

Tax strategy has to be a boardroom issue, especially with the increased
reputational risk that companies now face.

LAW: Heath’s legacy

Ted Heath could not have foreseen the tax law-making implications of taking
Britain into the Common Market.

Taxing times for UK plc

The Chancellor’s attempts to close the ‘tax gap’ could have dangerous
repercussions for the UK’s competitiveness.

EFFECT: New taxation standard

The switch from local GAAP to international accounting standards is a problem
for tax authorities and companies.

PRICING: Where in the world?

HMRC is having a good look at how businesses structure their offshore companies.

Staying out of trouble

Businesses must learn to work with the new HMRC as it bids to stamp out the
murkier fringes of tax avoidance.

PLANNING: Making allowances

Managers who buy assets without taking account of the tax implications can leave
their companies in a bind.

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