The Financial Director Guide to Emerging Markets


Welcome to the Financial Director Guide to Emerging Markets brought to you in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Booming economies such as China, India and Russia offer unrivalled opportunities for growth and companies that are not already operating in these “business hotspots” must radically rethink their strategies.

In this Financial Director Guide to Emerging Markets we take a detailed look at eight of the World’s most exciting global business hotspots. We also look at the tax and regulatory issues companies will face there, as well as the common risks.

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Introduction: Wealth of nations
The world has never looked so attractive – but the opportunities have changed.

Risks: The road to nowhere
How to do business in emerging markets and avoid the biggest potholes.

Tax: The tax office
If the overseas tax offices don’t get you, the domestic authorities will. Build tax planning into your strategy.

China: The great haul of China
The World Trade Organization takes a huge market through a huge transition.

India: Press 1 for exports
The call centre capital may offer a bigger market than China.

Russia: Commerce revolution
The risks are high, but then so are the potential rewards.

Poland: Zloty machine
Poland’s own low-cost, high-quality manufacturing site.

Turkey: Orient express
Harness one of the largest workforces in Europe.

UAE: In a grain of sand
Building a business-friendly commercial hub for the globe.

South Africa: Diamond geezers
An emerging market with few culural and business barriers

Brazil: More than just coffee
An economic giant that shows no sign of stalling.

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