Consulting » Extraordinary items – Speech stirs things down below.

Take almost 300 FDs and put them on a ship for 60 hours, then light touch paper and retire. Hence, the Richmond Events Finance Directors Forum set sail for a second year, this time on board the luxurious P&O ship Arcadia. But there was a certain sense of queasiness. No, it wasn’t the waves on the English Channel, which was glass-like the whole time. The problem was Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Britain’s greatest living explorer. His first-night speech was an eye-opening and highly motivating affair, dedicated to his rambles to the polar regions and most points in between. But the slide show that accompanied his talk included some far-too-vivid pics of his frost-bitten and gangrenous toes. Fortunately, the FDs demonstrated sufficient self-control as to quell any urge to “travel the sea by rail”.