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The impact of increased regulation and the ongoing volatility of energy
prices must be among the top five banes of a finance director’s life.

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For those companies running large fleets, energy price volatility and the
swathes of regulation coming from bureaucrats continue to make grim reading.

As Gordon Brown revealed in his 2006 Budget speech, there will be increased
levies on environmentally damaging fuels and cars, ensuring the issue will be
high on the agenda going forward.

So, should finance directors be concerned with fleets at all? John Maslen
takes a look at the fleet outsourcing industry on page 3 of the supplement and
offers tips for those looking to wash their hands of a distracting and
time-consuming part of their operation.

Managing a fleet economically and ecologically has never been more important.
Catherine Chetwynd talks to the Energy Saving Trust’s head of transport advice
about how businesses can save money and energy.

Technology has matured over the past couple of years, offering a great ally
in the battle to keep costs down – we look at what’s available.

And, finally, with tolls, speeding fines and parking tickets all having an
impact on a company’s bottom line, we look at some of the worst offenders.

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