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Quitting smoking or sticking on a jumper instead of turning up the central heating are both good ideas that will save you money every day. But they both involve making a commitment to regime change, forcing oneself to drop familiar habits in order to squeeze a bit of betterment from the way we live. They can also irritate those around us, demanding they also change their ways – making you unpopular. But the means justify the ends, and do so over a lifetime.

Our Cost Control Checklist moves along the same principle. Mindful of the increasing influence finance directors have across their businesses while cash remains king, we’ve come up with a list of ten simple ways to instil the habit of cost awareness now and preserve it through better economic days – and we’ve got ideas on how to bring non-financial departments with you. Make our list part of your corporate New Year’s resolutions and with any luck, both the health of your bottom line and your reputation will see lasting dividends.

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