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In the November 2010 issue of Financial Director magazine, we present this year’s FD salary survey with more analysis of what the numbers mean, and wider analysis of trends in remuneration, share awards, how shareholder activism is affecting FD pay, and how female FDs must set the agenda for their remuneration in years of austerity.

We got hold of Velma Hart, CFO for the US organisation AmVets, to write our latest guest column. Velma shot to fame on the US and UK TV networks recently when she met Barack Obama and gave him a tongue lashing on his work to date – see it on YouTube.

Plus we have all the regular award-winning opinion and insight from our columnists in economics, being a non-executive director, IT and corporate governance.

If there an FD or a CFO you want us to interview, or you are a CFO or FD and have thoughts on topics you want us to cover, you can contact the editor directly with your idea stating who you are and why this is of interest. Or if you are an FD or CFO and want to share your thought on a topic by way of writing our next guest column, let us know.