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I SEEM to have hit the end stop in turns of productivity, but faster and cheaper mobile equipment isn’t going to help. My lack of advancement is down to a need for electronic intelligence help, and better reliability, resilience and connectivity. So, if I could have a few IT miracles on Christmas Day, this would be my wish list:

If only my mobile phone…

? Was bendy so it conformed to my body shape

? Bounced without damage and was waterproof

? Looked and felt more like jewellery

? Had a daylight bright and expandable display

? Could give me hi-fi quality sound both ways

? Had enough battery life to last a week

? Would automatically switch between 2.5/3/4G, WiFi, WiMax and LTE

? Automatically used the carrier with the strongest signal, and chose the best-quality voice and data channel

? Negotiated the best price available in real time

? Gave the same sound level, despite changing ambient noise, had voice search and browsing that really worked well, and could cope with voice commands on a busy street

? Acted as a pointing device in the real world

? Recorded my days by continuously taking snapshots every five minutes

? Contained all my debit, credit, loyalty cards, passport, driving licence, medical records, coffee shop credits, vouchers and tickets

? Learned about me, my contacts, and the people and things I link to and communicate with, where and when we meet, the subjects we address, progress to date and the facilities we like. If only it could provide all the necessary information to hand ahead of time – just getting an automatic short briefing on the last meeting, the people present, the topics raised and key points based upon time, date, location in real time would be so powerful.

If only my laptop/pad…

? Had battery life that would last a week

? Would have verbal conversations with me

? Allowed me gesture rather than touch control

? Provided hi-fi audio both ways, including low-frequency comments

? Was fully automated for seamless mobility

? Would integrate and inter-work with all IT systems around it

? Would run cooler and use less power

? Had a daylight bright screen

? Was extra resilient, flexible and bounced without damage

? Was waterproof

? Included an integrated video projector

? Was really intelligent and could monitor my habits, style of working and preferences, choice format, colour, fonts and the people I work and meet with, and anticipate my needs, including searching out materials ahead of time. We need intelligent help to increase our work output, abilities and creativity.

If only the carriers…

? Would stop asking why we need so much bandwidth

? Started installing symmetric fibre optics at 1Gbit/s and up

? Included open service 2.5/3/4G at every customer termination

? Would get on board with cloud computing

? Improve the backbone networks and eradicate contention

? Were not among the least-respected companies on the planet. It would be so easy for them to become enablers of cloud computing and services for all.

Even the most magical of Santas could never deliver everything on this wish list, but I reckon we will see a few items ticked off my list in the coming year. ?


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