More News » HMRC staff form whistleblowing group

STAFF at HM Revenue & Customs have set up a whistleblowing network to expose “errant bosses” at the department.

This is Money claims that the group, called Dissent, have 324 members and have presence in every office in the UK. It says it is “tired of the corruption, ineptitude and mismanagement from within the department in recent years”.

The group told the Daily Mail: “We wish to speak out against the bad practice and double standards that operate in HMRC. We wish for a fair tax system that does not reward the wealthy elite and big business.”

An HMRC spokeswoman said: “HMRC is proud to be an open organisation which welcomes and encourages the views of all our staff. Anonymous and unconstructive letters are therefore completely unnecessary and irrelevant. We have well defined procedures for staff to report any genuine grievances.”