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The terms ‘recession’, ‘Eurozone crisis’ and ‘market turbulence’ have become frequently used terms in our day-to-day business lives. With the next 2-3 years seeming somewhat uncertain, now is a time where businesses can and will be reassessing their short-mid term goals and strategies. The finance director is often the key driving force behind this. Yet how do you ensure that your financial vision is working in sync with the needs of the business?

Understanding and maximising the core values of your company is essential in the present climate. The eighth Financial Director Summit will focus on these characteristics to identify which elements are the most critical, during a time where some businesses are experiencing market paralysis, whilst others are moving forward with vigour. Issues to be covered will include:

• Strategies for dealing with the volatility and uncertainty caused by the sovereign debt and ‘Eurozone crisis’
• Decision making – As a finance leader you will be facing tough decisions on a daily basis. How to deal with making those key decisions and managing the outcomes… positive and negative
• Emerging markets – should we be looking abroad for inspiration or should we be focusing on home competition as our bench markers?
• Information management – ensuring the management of information is driving the business in the right direction
• Customer management – ensuring your clients stick with you through the slower times
• Retaining and motivating your teams – operational cost cuts are inevitable but are there other ways in which we can support our teams?
• Controlled risk taking – ceasing on opportunities in the current market

Targeted at mid-market FDs and CFOs, the Financial Director Summit 2012 will provide a unique platform in which to share, compare and contrast experiences whilst learning and networking with peers. The programme will be jam-packed with stimulating sessions to ensure you leave with fresh ideas and strategies for the decade ahead.

We look forward to welcoming you in June.