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Defined benefit pension schemes are often being run with far greater risk than is necessary and there is opportunity to create a more stable financial and operational environment.

With many schemes now at or close to 100% funded, there are lots of things to get right in order to reduce risk and avoid paying more than you have to. Neglecting any of these areas is dangerous and can’t be left to chance or a part time trustee board.

  • Protecting funding levels from deterioration – as happened for most schemes in 2007
  • Avoiding making contributions that potentially become trapped surplus
  • Staying on top of new opportunities and threats – nothing stands still

Adopting a governance structure that is both operationally effective and value for money

In this Aon Hewitt-sponsored web seminar, our panel of experts will discuss what actions finance professionals should be taking to address these important areas in order to get their pension scheme under control.

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