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SHAUN WILLS, the former chief financial officer of SuperGroup who was forced to step down from the fashion retailer after being declared bankrupt, has had his bankruptcy annulled by the courts.

Wills, who joined the company behind the SuperDry brand from Habitat three years ago, resigned after he was made the subject of a personal bankruptcy order on 10 February.

His bankruptcy was annulled after a short hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice. The bankruptcy was related to tax debts owed to HMRC dating back to 2009, which Wills has paid back.

Speaking to The Times, Willis called HMRC “draconian” in its methods and said the taxman had acted prematurely.

“There’s no investments, there’s no clever schemes, there’s nothing,” he told The Times. “I put all of my energies into my work and not enough of my energies into my personal situation and I should have fixed it much sooner.”

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