More News » KPMG leads AIM audit market while BDO dominate oil & gas

KPMG reigns supreme with 152 AIM clients, marginally above BDO which has amassed just two fewer clients, the October 2015 Adviser Rankings reveal.

Mazars increased its client count, and posted a 50% uplift in client market cap to catapult them into the top ten.

Deloitte snaffled third place in both the FTSE AIM 100 and FTSE AIM UK 50 rankings, while BDO dominated the basic materials sector with 31 clients – over twice as many as nearest rivals, Grant Thornton.

On the consumer goods front, PwC shares top dog spot with BDO, while KPMG continues to boss the consumer services sector despite a client loss.

In the financials market, KPMG emerge victorious with 38, a loss of two clients, while in health care, Grant Thornton and PwC share top ranking with 14 clients apiece. RPG Crouch Chapman is the new kid on the sectoral block with two clients.

The industrial sector is still ruled by KPMG with 30 clients, while PwC secures second place by client market cap, courtesy of solitary client win.

An energetic performance by BDO sees is top the oil and gas sector with 24 clients, but Grant Thornton nabs first place on the client market cap stakes.

Technology savvy Grant Thornton dominate the tech sector with 25 clients, while Mazars adds a client to nudge into the top 10.