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An independent survey of 200 Chief Financial Officers has revealed the top challenges that finance functions face.  And the results are fascinating:


  • 70% of CFOs would like to perform more planning cycles
  • 56% state they have too many spreadsheets
  • 49% cite planning cycles are too labour intensive
  • 51% confirm the volume of data prevents them


THE RESEARCH highlights the weaknesses in existing solutions and an unprecedented dominance of spreadsheets.  With Excel so widely used, the effects of bad spreadsheets has significant consequences to the majority of the important of tasks carried out by finance departments.

These research findings have been documented in a white paper “Counting on Data – Putting Finance Departments in Control”.  For the first the time, this is available for you to download, free of charge.



The paper examines:

  • How finance functions manage the key tasks of budgeting, period-end closing, and planning
  • Takes a look at the changing role of finance
  • Considers alternatives to spreadsheets and summarises how CFOs and finance departments can spend less time engaging with spreadsheets, and more time engaging with the business

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The survey was financed by Accountagility Limited who make this complimentary copy of the white paper available to you.  They invite you to tell them how the report’s findings have influenced or inspired you to put your finance department in control.

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